Conditional access to Linked Data


What is Conditional access to Linked Data?

Conditional access to Linked Data is a way of publishing data in the Web, making information to be selectively available according to a set of desired conditions (free, paid content, etc.), using standard formats granting the best availability and interoperability for both people and applications

What is this website?

These pages demonstrate the conditional access to Linked Data with a simple test dataset where you can play the user's and the admin's role. The test dataset has been taken from the IGN Geolinkeddata).

The GeoLinkedData dataset includes the Spanish Autonomous Communities, provinces and province capitals, together with the geopositions of the municipalities. Additionally, links for each geographic entity to the corresponding DBPedia page have been provided.

Thanks for testing our technology

These pages have been developed with the purpose of demonstrating the conditional access to Linked Data based on ODRL/LDR policies
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