Conditional access to Linked Data

Technical information

Some simple technical details...

1. Linked Data in the web describes resources identified by URIs, interconnected with other resources and accessible via HTTP for both people and applications. Linked Data are often structured according to the RDF standard and they are accesible either as dumps or through query languages. See the specification at RDF1.1

2. ODRL2.0 is a policy expression language, which allows expressing which resources are available under which conditions. The code determining whether a resource is available or not is therefore expressed in ODRL. See the core model specification at ODRL2.0, and the vocabulary for Linked Data at Linked Data Rights.

3. ODRL2.0 can be serialized as XML, JSON or RDF (based on the ODRL ontology). The OEG research group has developed a Java API to ease the manipulation of ODRL policies. Check the online documentation of API ODRL2.0 RDF (still under development).

4. The OEG group has developed a desktop application for the edition of ODRL policies. (see a snapshot)

5. Linked Data is served according to ODRL policies. The ODRL authorizer can be tested through these pages, with a dataset of geographical Linked Data

Thanks for testing our technology

These pages have been developed with the purpose of demonstrating the conditional access to Linked Data based on ODRL/LDR policies
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